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My 8 night adventure @ Hedonism II resort in Negril, Jamaica-Part II

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During my time at Hedo I tried not to do much comparing between Hedo II and the former Hedo III but it was difficult not to do so. The point is, however, it that it is all moot now anyway and hopefully Hedo II will continue to make improvements and renovations for the comfort and convenience of all its guests. With an 85% return guest rate, keeping some things the same and adding new methods of having fun and comfort will only increase guest satisfaction and repeat business. I try not to dwell on the negative because I’ve often felt that just about any “bad day” on holiday or vacation is better than a good day at work.

Don’t be shy at breakfast asking for fresh fruit smoothies (the machine is between the bread and ice cream stations), or personal waffle or omelets at the individual stations in the buffet. The breakfasts were available until about 10:30 a.m. and seemed to be a favorite of some of the guests with enough choices so that something was there for everyone’s liking.

The internet café across from the reception desk and next to the Tour Activities desk in the lobby was often busy and the one time I accessed the internet I found the speed very fast compared to the Wi-Fi that I utilized the during the week on my personal laptop computer. I did pay $90 for a week of 24/7 Wi-Fi access and I had no issues except on the two days where we had some thunderstorm and lightning in the area and even then any service interruption was just temporary.

There are swinging rope web-mesh hammocks scattered throughout the resort property but I think in 8 days I don’t recall ever seeing anyone use them (including me).

Here’s a tidbit you might like to try. Before 1 PM, massages in the Mahoe Spa are just US $1.00 per minute with a 30 minute minimum but the
people I spoke with that did it said the full hour was well worth it and recommended it highly.

Next to the spa is the fitness center which is air-conditioned, modern and well-equipped with new machines and the center is often occupied during many hours by both guests and staff.

The gift shop located between the piano bar, tennis courts and billiards/ping pong/fitness center outside the main dining room had some great 50% off sale items which put the prices either in line with or below what the nearby Negril straw market had available (The straw market is located within walking distance across the street from the entrance to Hedo II) or the Montego Bay airport shopping mall. The gift shop has some nice costumes and Hedo-related items if you dare bring any back home.

In my room 2128, I had both adequate quantity and quality hot water in my shower (no tub unfortunately) but be prepared to get somewhat sprayed as the shower has opposing nozzles that sprayed from both ends of the tub. I don’t recall how I figured out the procedure but I know I got unexpectedly wet the first time I tried to turn them on.

My room had either too-short or well-used and overworked rubber seals under the door and the room is not soundproofed from the outside. Don’t
be surprised to hear people’s voices as they come to or leave their rooms (or walk up and down the stairs in the staircase outside the door). Plus, expect cicada bugs buzzing in the night. However, I found them soothing as white noise.

NOTE: TURN OFF your room clock radio alarms before you go to sleep the 1st night. I do this as a habit whenever and wherever I travel in the world. There is nothing worse than being unexpectedly startled-awakened early in the morning when you might be jet-lagged or hung-over.

Switch #1 on the wall plate by the door turns on the TV. NOTE: Always have your bellman show you the little details of your room when he delivers your luggage and be sure to ask him anything you can think of about the room that you might have questions about.

There are numerous satellite TV channels and some in different languages (German, French, and Japanese) and there are at least two channels in the 105-110 range that are adult-only oriented---VERY adult oriented. One is the Playboy Channel and another is more explicit.

I liked the fact the rooms are green-eco compatible and you have the choice of re-using your towels and sheets but no worries--- your room attendant will exchange them whenever you wish.

My room attendant was super nice and kept my room spotless. She made me some towel animals and I’ve always made it a point to leave either
a tip, school supplies or gifts for them as they do a great job.

Christopher the Wood Carver was there most of the week and he was working on both a new totem and custom wood-carved planks. His work is awesome and I intend to have both a TravelSlut plank created with my caricature image next year and also start a FantasyFesters and Krewe de Krazy Lifers totem pole with our group name and any member’s names that wish to be immortalized. he even maintains the pieces after you leave.

Also, some of my group had rocks custom painted for them on the beach for US$ 20. I failed to get a new one painted professionally so I did a quickie (all in red) and placed it just outside my door (room #2128). See if you can find it.

Be careful on the last step of the ladder as it is a longer-than-expected distance to the pool bottom. Several people learned this the hard, wet way.

Also at the nude pool grill: Don’t forget that you can ask about guacamole and salsa (kept cold inside the grill) to add to your chips from the nacho station table next to the grill window. You can also add some grilled Jamaican chicken to the nachos to make an excellent lunch or snack. The
grill usually closes around 5-6 pm. One more thing at the nude pool grill.

There is a popcorn machine plus a heated, rotating rack for yummy (when real fresh) Jamaican meat patties. Still my favorite lunches/snacks at the nude grill (and the Reggae Café) were the grilled sea bass dishes. So good!

Drinks by Scumba at the nude pool bar can be as varied as you ask. All I know is that they never ran out of champagne and I saw everything from special flaming drinks to colorful concoctions that wowed the guests. Red Stripe (Jamaican) beer was the drink of choice by many but many variations of fu-fu drinks could also be seen. Remember, if you try a drink that does not suit your tastes, you are not obligated to drink it and simply return it or discard it and try again. That is one of the great things about an all-inclusive resort like Hedo. You might never consider pouring out a $6-7 specialty drink at home but at Hedo, drinks are 24/7/365 and you should consume only that which meets your bodily approval.

Down the beach towards the marina and prude pools, you will find the Reggae Café Beachfront shack with awesome good Jamaican food. It seemed to be overlooked by many looking for local foods.

A nice touch is the hand sanitizer dispensers in the restaurants and various locations around the resort. Between sunscreen, sand, and perspiration—they do come in handy (literally).

For a little variation, ask one of the gardeners or staff members to show you the herb, vegetable and plant garden behind the bathrooms
of the nude pool. Very impressive plants.

And in the area between the nude hot tub, nude pool and path back to the rooms is a self-service vending machine that has water, sodas, ice,
etc. and I utilized it several times coming from and going back to my room.

As for the disco, the few times I went inside, either it was too early (midnight or so) and too empty or it was way too loud for me. A quick
walk through in costume was generally sufficient. They did have some well-attended and wild theme nights but it can be hit or miss.

The mini-cabanas scattered throughout the prude side (primarily) appeared to have little occupied use. They are nice from what I observed however.

Martino’s, the Italian restaurant, was an excellent choice 3 nights for our group and the “relaxed “ dress codes later in the evening (never crowded) allowed us to have fun and enjoy great cuisine in an air-conditioned venue. The food was almost always rated excellent by the Krewe but on three nights, there was no lettuce for salads. That was the only downside. Our servers were efficient and fun.

Munasan, the Japanese/Asian restaurant, was also fun and the food was great however it was REALLY hot outdoors especially being so close to the teppanyaki grills blazing however the biggest drawback was the noise from the adjacent dining area and main stage where the nightly entertainment and music was occurring while we ate, and the noise prevented comfortable conversations amongst us.

All in all, Hedo trip #7 for me rated an solid “A” and I can’t wait to return next June 2012 with an even larger group of friends—old and new. I’ll be posting exact dates probably in October but right now it appears to be June 16-24, 2012 for the 6th Annual TravelSlut Group Trip. Anyone wanting information or details for future trips or photos and trips reports, etc. from past trips need only check my two primary Hedonism-devoted groups online:

Remember, for those that have experienced Hedo, no explanation is needed. For those that haven't--no complete explanation is possible.
In the meantime, take care, travel safe and have safe fun!

Ann, The TravelSlut

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    We will be in Negril November 21-December 2 but staying at anothet resort. We do want to spend at least one night or possibly two ate hedo. What night or nights would be the best to soak in the sites and get out freak on? What theme night get's the most attention or largest crowd? Can't wait to hear from you...Thanks