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Hedo friends?

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When I read the first few member posts and travel reports I was thinking "Hedo sounds like a place to make lots of friends and have a great and fun time," I kept reading post after post and report after report I felt like I really have to go and see if this place and people really do exist!
After posting several times without getting a single reply or comment, and asking important (or at least important to ME) questions only to go UNanswered, I'm left with thoughts (or the reality) that I am an outsider not just a "Hedo Virgin" but a complete foreigner that evidently doesn't fit in or isn't part of the Hedo "in" crowd.
IF ANYONE READING THIS BLOG gets mad,upset or angry that can only mean that I've struck a nerve somewhere in what I've said, that is not my intention. I will just go back to anonymity and no longer post.

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  1. baghdaddy1's Avatar
    I'm sorry you felt this way prior to your trip kykitten, but I am glad it all worked out in the end. You guys look great btw......