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New to Hedo 3

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My wife and i will be at hedo 3 Aug 6 through the 13th. if anyone will be there send me a message. This will be her first time and she is kind of nervous but i have been to Hedo 2 before.

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  1. Scott & Stacy's Avatar
    My wife and I will be at H3 Aug 9...14 - this is our 2nd trip.
    My wife was the same way but quickly got over it.

    Any questions your wife has mine will be more than happy to help her.
  2. Scott & Stacy's Avatar
    Oh - and I'm really not sure how this blog works so you might have to PM us
  3. brandycarrtoon's Avatar
    This will be our first trip to to c/o resort and Jamaica also we are going 8/2 thr 8/9
  4. gixxerwwf's Avatar
    Me and a buddy are going to hedo3 for the first time Aug 9th thru 16th. Hope to meet some cool and fun people.
  5. bostoncouple's Avatar
    WIfe and I went to Hedo II for first time. April/May 08. It took us about 5min to feel care free about being naked. Most refreshing relaxing vacation ever. Go and enjoy.

    Al & Deb
  6. feg123's Avatar
    We will be there july2-july9th