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Greetings friends,
I am looking to go vacation at H3 in the next few weeks. I am a single male traveling alone, will i be look upon as a "pervert" trying to hook up with someone cause, i am traveling solo?
I enjoy traveling alone and can't think of a better place to be free and do what I want to do. Hooking up is secondary to me, good times, friends and positive memeries is first.

Thanks for all ur in put
1st Timer

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  1. readytogo's Avatar
    My wife actually prefers single guys, as long as they're gentlemen.. We'll be there in June..
  2. First_timer's Avatar
    Thanks for the honesty readytogo
  3. readytogo's Avatar
    When are you going?
  4. First_timer's Avatar
    Either April 26 or May 3, have you guys been there before?
  5. readytogo's Avatar
    This will be our first trip.. Looking forward to it.
  6. ezgoinn's Avatar
    Soooo I was coming to Hedo with several girls and 2 I find out one girl bailed for work and now all 3 bailed!!!! We also have 2 couples coming so Im going to be the solo male....any fun sexy couples looking for a single fun, respectful, experienced, outgoing, fit male???????

  7. First_timer's Avatar
    Good to know iam not alone ezgoinn!
    I accually may have found another female "partner in crime" to join me. If those plans fall through, i will get in touch with you and we could save some cash and share a room. BTW how much you pay single?
  8. ezgoinn's Avatar
    First Timer.....

    Im looking out for another female also but seems getting off work is the hardest part for ones Ive asked!! I'm really not going to beg a girl to come and in fact not going to work to hard at it since I'm sure it will be fun regardless and going single may be as much or better fun. When do you get there?
  9. First_timer's Avatar
    Ezqoinn haven't booked yet, looking to go end of April begining of May, just waiting on the lady to conferm her plan. Its like pulling teeth finding someone, I feel your pain
  10. NYTEXY's Avatar
    We're going in June for the first time- and we're so excited!Anyone know if rain is a problem in June?
  11. First_timer's Avatar
    I heard June is Huricain season
  12. weliveinvegas's Avatar
    June does start the hurricane season which last until about January. We have been 7 times so far between August and September. It does rain on occasion, but for a minutes and moves on. We have never had to deal with a hurricane while there.

    I jus wan go home mon!

    Ivy and Rick
    "The only bumping you get when ya travel with AWOL, is the good parts bumpin together"
    Trip #8, 8/2 to 8/9
  13. wilmcpl32's Avatar
    We'll be there at least one night between 5/19 and 5/24. we're staying next door at grand lido, but want to come over for a night of fun. we're single male friendly - or at least the wife is!