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  1. Hey Ya'll just stopping by to say hey. We are really really looking forward to getting home this time. We didn't get to take our early trip this year like you guys!! I guess you're all rested up and ready to get back by now. See you soon!~Kel
  2. Sent you a pm.
  3. Hedo loyalty points is an award program we have belonged to for 6 years. You need a number from hedo you used to be able to sign up on the hedo site. The points are worth aproximately 5% of the value of the rooms fromyou previous stay and can be carried forward unlike the free nights programs which must be used in the same calendar year. I would call Hedo and ask for the points coordinator and explain what you are looking for. Jonacceptsthe pints as long as you have themwhenyou book. At a minimum i would get the account setup and if you are really nice to the new lady she will probably credit you account for past trips. You will probably need to give her the exact dates, Hedo is pretty good at tracking this stuff and we usually save $150
  4. Hi again! We did book with the fluffs. I was wondering what hedo loyalty points are, we have been to hedo 8 times in the past 3 years and I guess I missed the opportunity to recieve points because I didn't know they existed. What are they and what do they do for you?,
  5. Hi again,

    Did you bookthrough the Fluffs for the July trip, if you did our pics are up there under Spinner 54.
  6. Hey guys we have never been on this particular week in July so we are excited to meet some new people! Hoping to get there before July but we already have a trip paid for in Nov so It will just depend on how good business is! See you soon. We look exactly like our picture so you will recogize us.
  7. Hi J&K,

    Feb is our 9th trip and July will be our 10th, I am celebrating a Birthday and will be buying drinks (i know corny) see you in July.
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