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  1. Yes we know of some people that were risking being bumped... thankfully, they were there as part of a group and managed to get in! We arrive on the 16th, so we'll also be good... looking to be a wild weekend though!
  2. This is trip 4 for us. Never made it to H3.
    We are there for 17 days. It's a hassle getting there so we stay for awhile. We have to fly thru Pearson.
    I hear they are booked solid the weekend of the 23, so the place is going to be packed.
    Getting in on the 12 th should guarantee we don't get bumped.
    See you in less than thirty days
  3. haha... it is wet here today, but not because of rain! How are you? This will be our 4th trip to Hedo, 2nd to H2.
  4. Hello There, Welcome from wet coast Canadian
  5. Hi... we are a couple from Ontario who will be at Hedo from April 16-23rd.
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