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  1. Nothing like waiting to the last minute, eh, good luck.
    I don't think it was that full last year. I think there is at least 1 new group that wasn't there last year.
    I noticed about a month ago that some categories were listed as full, in some of the groups.
    See you soon
  2. LOL, you were right.
    In a mad scramble today to book a room after hearing that they were sold out Apr. 21,22.

    I think I have something booked, waiting for confirmation.

    Last year I dont recall the resort being fully booked do you?
  3. Yeah, we are further out than Pitt Meadows, and on the other side of the river too.
    We are so far out we grow our own veggies and even have chickens.
    Granville Island is popular with the locals, ie, those who live down town. Out here in the country we have our own markets that we frequent.
    I'd be getting worried about the resort though, there seems to be lots of groups toward the end of the month.
  4. Is that further that Pitt Meadows?
    I have friends who keep their plane there.
    I guess being locals you wouldnt do the touristy things like the market. Do locals use it?
    Still havent booked room yet, only the flight. I dont think they will be sold out and there might be a sale?

    See you guys in 47 days...
  5. Can't remember, and can't find the e-mails, but.
    We don't actually live in Vancouver but about 40 miles east. Granville Island, I haven't be there in a decade.
    Just curious who you finally booked with.
    See you in a few weeks.
  6. As far as I know, we are the only ones trekking across the continent to Jamaica from Vancouver.
    However there is another couple traveling from Terrace BC, on the 14th of April to the 24th to Hedo, there are newbie's.
    We get in at 18:15 on the 12th and leave on the 29th.

  7. Hey Ray,
    Do you know of any other Vancouverites heading to Hedo the week of April 21-28?
    I believe you guys show up the week before...?

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