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  1. Ha Ha, hook, line and sinker, I took the bait! Wow, a months holiday before, that sounds amazing. Yes, Sunset Beach, we'll see you there. xo
  2. As much time as we have spent on St. Martin, we have not spent any time on the beach at the end of the runway. I believe it is called Sunset Beach. We might go this time however. We leave this Monday to drive to Cape Canaveral where we will spend a month before the cruise. We figured we would get a rise out of an Aussie regarding the Cup.
  3. Aaahhh, so you need the Aussies there to steal the Americas Cup back (circa 1983)? We've just sat down to look at excursions, but we don't tend to do many. We're going to hire some SUP's in St Thomas and explore, but as far as St Martin, we're not sure. A visit to the bar at the end of the runway is a must for us though. Coco Cay we've been to a few times and generally just relax on the beach. We arrive in FL on the 9th at around 2130. We're coming straight from Desire Los Cabos. When do you arrive?
  4. We are doing the Americas Cup Challenge in St. Martin - booked through the ship. We could use some muscle on the grinders. We will still have time to visit a beach or whatever. Julia and I have a total of about 14 weeks on that island and we have always wanted to do this. Check it out.
    When do you get to Florida?
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