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  1. Just an email to me from a Krewe member about their June 2018 Group Trip

    Hi again everyone.. I was asked to share this here by one of the veterans Krewe members and friends of Jointlock (some names have been modified for discretion purposes)

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    Today setting in my office thinking about what I was doing last week at the time prompted me ...
  2. Updates on my travels & Krewe de Krazy Life group trips to Hedo in 2018 & 2019

    While I continue my extended travels here in Australia for business & leisure, I wanted to remind everyone that since the June 2018 12th Annual Krewe de Krazy Life Group Trip Adventure in paradise at Hedonism II resort will rank as one of the best trips--that my next group trip---#13--will be a blowout at the Caribbean's most wickedly-wild, nude & clothing-optional, tropical beachfront & best---ALL-INCLUSIVE & @ lowest group rates.

    June 15-22, 2019 will again be ...
  3. Who's going in June with the Krewe de Krazy Life for Group Trip #12?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Travel Slut View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by FoxandhisVixen View Post
    We are not with the Krewe, but we get in the day after. What can you tell me about them? Are they inclusive of other groups? How many travel with the Krewe? And are there many private or offsite events planned? Thanks in advance.
    Hi there....The Krewe de Krazy Life group has been coming and going to Hedo since 2005 when I was asked by several Krewe members at Fantasy Fest (in Key West every October and where the Krewe originated) to organize and book annual group trips to Hedo. The
  4. Deciding Date For Hedo...some considerations

    Quote Originally Posted by The Travel Slut View Post
    Hi there....I think that the stock answer is to go anytime, anyway, anyhow. Booking for any date eliminates the awful feeling of "should have, would have, could have
    Obviously, your timing will be influenced by your preference to time of year, availability for time off, etc. plus, whatever group present the week you decide to attend.

    Here's some basic info I have posted before.

    Hi again….after having experienced Hedo 13 times now since
  5. My updated travel checklist for Hedonism resort trips=- 2017

    I want all Krewe de Krazy Life members and others going to Hedo to take advantage of a travel checklist that might make their packing easier.

    So, with a little more than 30 days to go for my lucky 13th trip to Hedo and the 11th Annual Group Trip –and it is open to all adults.

    Let the “Ann-tics" begin June 16th

    Be sure to check out more of my daily photos and videos here: ...
  6. Answers to my most often asked Hedo questions & info about my 11th Annual Group Trip

    I get asked quite often about basic information and details on my Annual Group Trip to Hedonism resort and mostly what a week at Hedo costs and what is included in the all inclusive price. So here are some more details:

    NOTE: Email/IM me @ for an actual group booking form, room categories, group rates, and current availability etc,)

    Krewe De Krazy Group 2017..jpg

    Hedonism II resort is located on the southwestern peninsula of Jamaica on ...
  7. Question: Go to Fantasy Fest in Key West in October or Hedonism II resort in Jamaica-

    Hi there....Here's a question I get asked frequently especially around the time of my Annual June Group Trip to Hedonism II resort in Negril, Jamaica or as Fantasy Fest in Key West, Florida every October.


    How and why can I afford to go to Hedo in June when Fantasy Fest in Key West, Florida every October is in Florida and closer?


    Let me say this and state some facts, figures, details so that you can draw your own conclusions. ...
  8. My 2015/2016 Hedo Travel Checklist (updated)

    A suggested list of travel items for trips to Hedonism resort:


    Passport and copies of passport facepages in luggage)
    Airline ticket/confirmation number papers & itineraries
    Airport transfer papers
    Clothes for flights (bras, underwear, closed-toe shoes)
    Luggage with name tags, luggage locks and passport copies inside
    Luggage lined with empty trash bags that can later be used for dirty clothes, makeshift ...
  9. TravelSlut's & Krewe de Krazy Life 9th Annual Hedo Trip Adventure June 2015 - Part 3

    Tuesday, June 23 (Bare as you Dare Glow/Rave pool party night)

    Early morning breakfast and the last of the Krewe check-ins today! Pashur the Bodypainter arrived and later began artistically creating complimentary body art on all the Krewe ladies for the week.

    The 2nd and final one-hour rainshower of my Hedo time arrived but did not affect anyone.

    I have been tweaking my Hedonism resort travel checklist as I discover items that should be included that ...
  10. TravelSlut's & Krewe de Krazy Life 9th Annual Hedo Trip Adventure June 2015 - Part 2

    Saturday June 20 (Hats and Heels)

    Today the majority of the Krewe arrived for the 9th Annual Group Adventure week in Paradise

    I had a very early morning wakeup to get the check-in Group desk set up in the piano bar and to insure the hanging of the two big TravelSlut @ Krewe de Krazy Life banners at the resort. Since the resort is a sellout, there is lots of activity and movements.

    Breakfast was a busy time too and with so many people checking in and ...
  11. My 8 night adventure @ Hedonism II resort in Negril, Jamaica-Part II

    During my time at Hedo I tried not to do much comparing between Hedo II and the former Hedo III but it was difficult not to do so. The point is, however, it that it is all moot now anyway and hopefully Hedo II will continue to make improvements and renovations for the comfort and convenience of all its guests. With an 85% return guest rate, keeping some things the same and adding new methods of having fun and comfort will only increase guest satisfaction and repeat business. I try not to dwell on ...
  12. My 8 night adventure @ Hedonism II resort in Negril, Jamaica

    I promised several people a trip report and blog entry from my latest travel adventure so here's an abbreviated entry.....

    Friday, June 17:

    My 5th Annual Group Trip of FantasyFesters and KrewedeKrazyLife friends to Hedonism II resort in Negril, Jamaica is now within 24 hours. This will be my 7th overall trip to a SuperClubs Hedonism all-inclusive, clothing optional, beachfront and tropical resort.

    I’m so excited and packing my 3 luggage bags ...