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  1. 6+ months until the 13th Annual TravelSlut/Krewe de Krazy Life Group Trip to Hedo

    FLASH! Just a gentle reminder to those going or wanting to go to Hedonism resort next June (this June's trip was sold out)

    NOTE: The only way to get lowest group rates & Krewe perks is to contact me directly--not thru the Hedo website.

    The 13th Annual Krewe de Krazy Life Group Trip ...
  2. Updated suggested items to consider for trips to Hedonism resort

    I want all Krewe de Krazy Life members (and any others---especially newbies) going to Hedo to take advantage of a travel checklist I have created that might make their packing easier.

    Even though I have been 13 times to Hedo, I stlll refer to this list before every trip and share it with my group (Krewe de Krazy Life) before every June group trip (13th Annual Group is June 15-22, 2019).

    Be sure to check out some of my Hedo photos and videos from my previous 13 trips ...